The information we collect about you

At American Publisher House, protecting your privacy is our first concern. When you use our website to register, place a purchase, fill out a form, or subscribe to our newsletter, you give us access to your information. This may contain, among other things, your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and payment card information. On the other hand, we also let you use our site anonymously so you can ensure your privacy preferences are respected. We handle your data with utmost care, using it only to enhance user experience, deliver and enhance our services, and send you relevant information. You may be sure that stringent security procedures protect your data, and we are committed to upholding openness about data practices. Thank you for choosing American Publisher House.

Why do we need your information?

American Publisher House uses the information you entrust for the specific purposes listed below to enhance your experience and ensure your satisfaction:

  1. Initially, the data we collect enables us to tailor our services to your particular requirements more precisely. Based on your feedback and information, we continuously revise and improve our website’s offers to ensure they still meet your needs and interests.
  2. Furthermore, we leverage the data you have to swiftly attend to your customer support inquiries and cater to your needs. Our commitment is promptly and efficiently addressing your questions, concerns, or requests, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Your trust in our ability to deliver exceptional customer service is paramount, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction. Rest assured, your feedback and inquiries are valued, and we are dedicated to providing you with the assistance and support you require in a timely and effective manner.
  3. Furthermore, by giving us your email address, you permit us to send you relevant information, respond to your inquiries, and take care of any requests or questions you may have. This ensures you stay current on relevant modifications and improvements to our products and services.
  4. The security and privacy of your data are very important to us. You may be confident that any information you provide—private or public—will be kept confidential and won’t be exchanged, transferred, sold, or made available to any company without your express consent. Your privacy and trust are always honored; this policy only changes when we provide the product or service you have requested.

We are honored that you have chosen American Publisher House, where our main priorities are your satisfaction and privacy.

Is the data that you supply is protected?

Information security is a top responsibility and something we at American Publisher House take very seriously. At every stage, from purchasing to accessing your data, we have put strong security measures in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data. We provide a safe connection for every communication channel by encrypting all data sent to us using SSL (Safe Sockets Layer) technology.

You may be confident that sensitive data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and financial information is never kept on our systems after a transaction. Our proactive approach to data protection demonstrates our steadfast commitment to protecting your data’s integrity and privacy. You may explore and shop confidently, knowing your data will be handled with the utmost care and thoroughness when working with American Publisher House.

We are committed to giving you a safe and reliable experience, ensuring that all your information is protected during your dealings with us.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are necessary for optimizing your experience on our website. We use cookies to track ad traffic, gather data on on-site activities, and analyze user behavior overall. We can use this information to understand user preferences better, identify trends, and improve the functionality and content of our website. Using cookies can better tailor our services to your needs and provide a more efficient and personalized browsing experience.

Sometimes, we seek assistance from external service providers to have a more thorough grasp of the customs and preferences of our website visitors. It’s important to remember that, as stated in the agreement, these third-party service providers are prohibited from using the data they get for any purpose other than consumer analysis. This ensures that your privacy and data security remain our top priorities and enables us to continuously enhance our services and offerings through analytical data gathered from cookie usage.

We never provide personally identifiable information to any parties

Safeguarding your personally identifiable information is our top priority. We maintain strict guidelines to ensure your data is confidential and never sold, shared, or transferred to unaffiliated third parties without your explicit consent. We take great pride in protecting your privacy and upholding the strictest confidentiality guidelines. While personally identifiable information is securely protected, non-personally identifiable visitor data may be shared with outside parties for marketing or promotional reasons. This enhances user experiences and allows us to tailor services to your interests and preferences while protecting your privacy. We strive to optimize our offerings using anonymous data and deliver personalized experiences that meet your needs. We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously, so you can have confidence in us since we will always be committed to protecting your privacy.

Applicability of Privacy Policy

Please be aware that the information gathered via online channels and through interactions with our website is solely subject to our privacy policy. This policy does not cover offline data-collecting techniques, such as information obtained through phone conversations, in-person meetings, or physical forms. Rules or restrictions specific to offline data management may apply, which may differ from our online policies.

Comprehending this differentiation is essential for guaranteeing openness and enabling comprehension of the extent of our privacy policies. We prioritize protecting online data and uphold strict privacy standards in digital interactions, but we also recognize that clarifying our regulations is important. We invite you to contact us for more details and help with our offline data collecting and privacy policies. We will always be there to answer questions and provide clarification if you have any about our privacy policies and practices. Your participation and comprehension help to uphold a safe and open environment for data management and privacy procedures.